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How Can You Help Me with My Residential Appraisal Needs?

I am settling my parent's estate and need to sell their home.

We are experienced in determining the current value of a home or, if necessary, determining the value retrospective to date of the loss of your family member.

I am refinancing, tapping into home equity, or planning home improvements.

We can conduct a feasibility study to assist you before you start renovating your home. We will analyze the condition of your property, review the cost of the renovations, and give you a cost/benefit analysis for the end project

I am getting ready to sell my house.

Before you put your home on the market, we can conduct an appraisal to estimate the true market value you will need to set a price.

I think my property taxes are too high.

We can provide you with an accurate valuation of your home’s market price.  With this information in hand, you can decide whether or not to apply for property tax adjustments.

I want to make an offer on a home

Before you make an offer, we can conduct a real estate appraisal to determine the true market value of the home. This will help you make an educated and intelligent decision on whether or not to purchase the home and an idea of how much to offer.

I am going through a divorce.

We can provide you with a real estate appraisal determination of an accurate market value of your home should you need a breakdown of your assets, or to sell your home.


We Make Your Life Easier

We take pride in providing you accurate, knowledgeable, and prompt residential real estate appraisal services at competitive rates. Need a certified residential real estate appraiser in Massachusetts? Contact us to get started!
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